Laura Dow (b. 1994) is a Scottish photographer based in Edinburgh and Bristol whose work explores themes such as kitsch, boundaries, belonging, and identity and examines how they intersect. Using the camera as a tool, Laura examines the fascination with these ideas and tries to identify their wider significance as concepts of constructed realities and ideologies.

A graduate from Edinburgh University, Laura has experience photographing both editorial, commercial and personal work.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018 — Revolve One Year, online exhibition
2018 — Body Language, Firestation, Edinburgh
2017 — After the Storm, Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh
2017 — Exhibition Coming Soon, Coburg House, Edinburgh
2017 — Platform, ESAF, Biscuit Factory, Edinburgh
2017 — Ignorance is Bliss, Edinburgh College of art, Edinburgh
2016 — Touch, Forest Café, Edinburgh

Online Features

2018/9 — SemiMagazine, Alpha, Issue #1
2018 — Canvas Journal Issue #5
2017 — Touch, Softbox Collective
2017 — Hold My Purse Project, Issue #2
2017 — Canvas Journal Issue #4


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